Steps for putting together your Herb Garden Kit

  1. Unpack all items -(-Note: Seed baggies are taped to Growstone bag)
  2. Find the White Growstone pack (Bag with small whit/grey rocks)
  3. In the wood planter there is a liner – Fill the bottom of the liner with the full bag of growstones
  4. Find the bag with coco coir and perlite mixture – shake it up a bit to makes sure the two are mixed fairly well
  5. Then fill the remainder of the Planter with the coco/perlite mixture
  6. Add some water to the soil so it is moist

Planting the Seeds – This part is up to you on how you want your seeds to be grown – General recommendations below

  1. Create about 2 holes equally spaced across the planter – so you will have 2 Basil plants growing , 2 Cilantro plants, 2 Parsley , 2-Thyme, and 2-3 Oregano
    1. Basil, Cilantro, Parsley – the holes should be – 1/4 inch deep
    2. Oregano and Thyme hole should be 1/16” or just sprinkle on top of dirt – pat down with finger tip after
  2. Drop 2 seeds in each hole & Cover hole with dirt using pencil tip
  3. Place wooden planter in window sill or any other place that gets indirect sunlight (For best results theplanter should be in a south / southwest facing window and get about 4 hours of indirect sunlight)
  4. Make sure soil remains damp – not soaked.
  5. Germination time will vary based on temperature and the indirect sunlight they get but in general – Basil will sprout first 5-10 days, Cilantro should sprout around the the 7-14 day mark, Oregano between 14-25 days, Parsley can range between 10-25 days, and Thyme can take up to 12 weeks. (Also note: that not every seed will always germinate – some can be inactive, which occurs randomly in nature, if this occurs, try re-seeding with a few more seeds from your pack.)