Wren Hanging Birdhouse

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Wren BirdhouseLooking like a little house we would all love to live in, this WREN HANGING BIRDHOUSE is perfect for your local Wren’s to call home.   Made in the U.S.A.,  by hand, we at Backyard Cedars, have taken the utmost care in providing Wren’s a new place to nest and live.

Made from natural cedar, this house is the perfect shape and gives the Wren a sense of protection and comfort while nesting or relaxing.

We have learned much about the Wren bird, and sure love knowing they are a part of our backyard.   Their singing voice brings beauty to all those around, try a WREN HANGING BIRDHOUSE today and provide this special bird a lovely new home in your backyard!

They come with an outdoor ready light chain and hook so you can hang it right up as soon as you get it! Help keep these Wren birds safe from predators by hanging their nesting homes in trees. The unfinished wood helps keep them cool and creates a natural space to rest and nest.

Handmade Wren Hanging Birdhouse
Made in the U.S.A. using natural cedar wood.
This birdhouse is perfect to give Wren’s a lovely place to call home.

Approximate Measurements: 10″L x 10.5″W x 8.25″H

100% Money Back Guarantee for 1 year! No Risk shopping from BackyardCedars ..

Why not order two and try them around your front and backyard or give one as a gift!  Give the gift of a nesting home for Wren’s today!


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