Steps for Setting up Your Hydroponic Herb Kit

  1. Unpack everything from your box
  2. Find the grodan cube and the seeds
  3. There will be 1 hole in the grodan cube – create four more holes in the corners of the cube so that you have a total of 5.
  4. Do this for all 3 cubes.
  5. Now find the Seed packs
    1. Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Parsley
      1. place 2 seeds in each hole
    2. Cilantro (seeds are a little bigger)
      1. place 1 seed in each hole
  6. Set the 3 Cubes aside for now
  7. Take the Netpot and the  Nylon Rope (wick) and feed the rope ends through the larger openings at the bottom of the Netpot – there should be a loop in the netpot cup with both ends hanging through the bottom
    1. 1-Inserting-Wick
    2. 2-Inserting-Wick
    3. 3.Wick-Loop
  8. Find the smaller bag of growstones.  Pull up the loop of the rope with your finger and hold it and pour in the small bag of growstones so they settle on the bottom of the netpot
    1. 4.HoldingWick1
    2. 5.Wick-Stones
  9. Now from bottom of the netpot – pull the rope ends on each side gently so the loop of the rope rests on top of the growstones you just poured in (the top of the rope will be resting on the growstones)
    1. 6.Pull-wick-down
    2. 7.WickOnRope
  10. Place the grodan cube with the seeds from step 5 and place it in the center of the netpot resting on top of the rope
    1. 8.GrodanOnTopofWick
  11. Pour the larger bag of growstones around the outside of the grodan cube leaving the top free of stones for the time being.  Save the remaining stones for step 17
    1. 9.Growstones-around-grodan
  12. Next take the netpot with the stones and the grodan cube with seeds and slowly run water over the whole thing – This will clean the growstones and provide water for the grodan cube to start
  13. Take the Jar and fill it with water to the 6 mark (just under the 1 cup mark)
    1. 10.MasonJar-Water
  14. Place the netpot into the jar – both rope ends should be at the bottom of the jar submersed in water.
    1. 11.Netpot-inJar
  15. You can take the jar lid ring and screw on top or you can leave it off – its up to you on how you want it to look
  16. You can use the saucer part of the lid as labels – write the herb name with a sharpee and place it in the wooden holder – place the jar in the wood container on top of the label.
    1. 12.Labels
  17. You are done for now – let the jars sit – you will start to see sprouts normally within a week.  Once the sprouts get a little larger – take the remaining growstones from step 11 and disburse gently on the top around the herb stems.
    1. 13.Basil-single
  18. You will not have to water after this point until you see water get low in the jar.  When its low just add more water – pour through the sides of the growstones.