Follow below instructions to get your herb garden kit going:

  1. Unpack all items -(-Note: Seed baggies are sent to customers inside one of the mason jars)
  2. Find Growstone pack (Bag with small whit/grey rocks)
  3. Fill the bottom of each jar up to 4oz level with growstones
  4. Fill remainder of jar to top with Soil – compact a little pushing gently down with fingers
    1. SideJar-Image
  5. Add some water to the soil so it is moist
  6. Create about 4 holes in a circle pattern using a pencil tip or something similar to make holes
    1. Basil, Cilantro, Parsley and Thyme- the holes should be – 1/4 inch deep
    2. Oregano hole should be 1/16”
  7. Drop 2 seeds in each hole
  8. Cover hole with dirt using pencil tip
  9. Screw jar lid ring back in place if you would like – depends on your preference
  10. You can write the seed type on the saucer part of the jar lid and put that in the wooden holder and then place jar with corresponding seed on top of lid so you can remember which seed is which
    1. 12.Labels
  11. Place jars back into wood holder
  12. Place jar back into wood holder & Place wooden holder in window sill or any other place that gets indirect sunlight (For best results the jars should be in a south / southwest facing window and get about 4 hours of indirect sunlight)
  13. Make sure soil remains damp – not soaked
  14. Germination time will vary based on temperature and the indirect sunlight they get but in general – Basil will sprout first 5-10 days, Cilantro should  sprout around the the 7-14 day mark, Oregano between 14-25 days, Parsley can range between 10-25 days, and Thyme can take up to 12 weeks. (Also note:  that not every seed will always germinate – some can be inactive, which occurs randomly in nature, if this occurs, try re-seeding with a few more seeds from your pack.)
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