This weeks DIY we are going to show you step by step how to DIY Outdoor Square Patio Table.

We are using 1x6 Cedar boards for this project since the table will be outside and cedar is a better wood for the outdoors – but you can use 2x6 boards which will be a lower cost material and easier to find.

Step by step is listed below – and if you want the PDF plans please email me and let me know and Ill send it over.


Take the 2x6 or the 1x6 that you will be using for the legs and cut the¬†boards at 29″ in length

Then rip them with a table saw at 3-3/16 ” which will leave a piece that is 2-3/16″ ¬†– these will be put together for an equal size right angle leg

Leg parts ripped to size

Next you will want to break out your Kreg Jig – and pre-drill the board that is 2-3/16 wide

After they are pre-drilled – you will want to glue the edge of the board for added strength


Then using 1-1/2 Kreg screws – attach the small 2-3/16 board to the 3-3/16 wide board – do this with each of the 4 sets of wood and when you are done they should look like the 4 legs below.

Next we are going to work on the apron of the table that runs around the base of the table and attaches to the 4 legs

First step is to take 2 of your 2x6 or 1x6 (which ever size you have decided to use – in my case I am using a 1x6) and cut it at the length one at 39-1/2″ and one at 41-5/8″

This will give us an overall base length and width of 41-5/8″

After you have the two boards cut then you will rip them in half with your table saw giving you pieces approximately 2-58″ wide.