Arrow- Barn Door San DiegoIf you are looking to add or replace a door in your house and you are looking for something unique then custom barn doors are exactly what you are looking for.  Not only do they function as a door but they also add a stylistic and artistic look to any room.  These doors are very popular throughout the country right now.  I live in the San Diego area and I know a bunch of people who already have them or are looking to get them made and installed.

Custom barn doors are generally made from a knotty alder although they can be made with any other wood such as pine or oak or walnut etc.  And as far as the color they can be stained any wood color you can imagine.

The doors are installed using barn door hardware.  There are a lot of options to chose from – but the main idea is they hang on top of a rail using a wheel system and they roll nicely on top of the rail.

The first thing you need to do before deciding on anything is doing your measurements.